Mobile Laundromat

Our trailers come with washers, dryers, and detergent for our friends to wash and dry their clothing for free.


Haircuts and shaves

Our staff hairstylist provides our friends haircuts and grooming.

shower head

Mobile Bathing Facilities

We provide fully-equipped bathing facilities for our friends to shower and dress in privacy.

Thanksgiving-style meal

Food and Beverages

We provide our friends hot food and beverages.



We provide our friends clean, new and gently used clothing.

hygiene kit

Hygiene Kits

We provide our friends with necessary hygiene supplies to help them stay healthy. Kits may include toothbrush, toothpaste, bandages, deodorant, lip balm, feminine hygiene products for ladies, and more.

Coming Soon... Medical, Dental, & Vision Checkups

We will soon offer free medical, dental, and vision checkups to Our Friends in need.


Help Us Help Others...

Lighter Loads ATX is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations help Lighter Loads give our friends their dignity back and get a clean start.