COVID-19 Measures

Lighter Loads ATX is committed to helping people in need no matter what. At the same time, we also take the health and welfare of our volunteers and those we serve very seriously. During this unprecedented time, our goal is to continue to do both for as long as possible.

Lighter Loads ATX provides mobile showers, laundry, and hygiene products to people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Lack of housing reduces access to hygiene and sanitation facilities, which contribute to poor health outcomes, resulting in our houseless community being at greater risk for infection when there is community spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Thanks to the CDC, we know that soap and water kills the virus, which is an important part of stopping the spread. By providing these services, we hope to help reduce the spread of infections and the COVID-19 virus. The showers are cleaned thoroughly after every use, using recommended cleaning agents approved by the CDC and the EPA to kill COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

To support our continued efforts, we need your help. To donate click here and/or to volunteer please e-mail

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  1. Alice

    I stumbled on ur website there’s a really big need for showers restrooms and hand washing stations at NLamar and Braker ln behind 3 churches or even by St Vincent de Paul’s on braker ln and n Lamar they only get food once a week and they don’t have showers it’s a very needy area maybe y’all can check it out my son stays there his name is Danny we had a major argument so I don’t see him any more it’s right behind the Spanish church please help them there are lot of people there they’re older and vulnerable lots of couples they need socks blankets (thick ) tents water and food tarps my son was helping the veterans and mentally disabled I was helping them I was taking them water pbnj sandwiches chips n stuff it’s really ironic becuz they live behind 3 churches that insist on ids or can’t communicate becuz of language anyway thanx I’ll pray for y’all my son was eating outta dumpsters

  2. Linda

    Alice, I feel your pain in so many areas in your posting above. My son is also homeless and I have been searching for anything, anyway, he can at least have a shower. I live in Mexico now and he is on the streets of North Austin, all by himself. I have come across this information and I am hoping to get some assistance from Lighter Loadds. God help all of our loved ones suffering out there!

    1. jritchie

      Thank you Linda and Alice for sharing your stories with us. If you have any questions about our services or where we provide them, please email us at

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